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Support and FAQs

Friends, sojourners, and cosmical curiosos!

From the innards of the Sarcophagus: Thank you for being invested in ULTROS.

It has been a long journey, and we have poured our hearts, souls, plus the very stardust that holds our beings together into the game.

We hope you will be curious about the mysteries, passionate about mastering the mechanics, and that you keep your senses wide open for the colors, art, and poetry. May it all evoke emotions and karmic ascendancy.
Some things that might be of interest:


  • There are three different endings when the full game launches on 13th Feb. We hope that you will have great fun discovering them all!

  • It is possible to explore the realms in a pacifist fashion (only a few Shaman NEED to be dealt with using any form of violence)

Bug Reporting Form

If you find any bugs, please report them here so our techno Viking can take a look at them!

Thanks for submitting your bug. We will investigate all submissions but can't promise to get back to everyone.

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